A picture paints a thousand words...

about your business

If you're interested in professional photography for your business - contact us for a one stop shop approach:

We are great advocates of the use of bespoke, professional photography when it comes to promoting the image of a business.

More so when your business is very much about the people within it, or the tangible products on offer.  
If you pride yourself on the service that people within deliver, then those people need to be seen from the off, as opposed to stock images of some nice American models sticking out like a sore thumb!

If your equipment is state of the art, then show it in use, don't just talk about it.And why use stock images of something similar when you can show off what you've got?

How do you showcase your key messages via imagery?

There is quite a skill to it. When planning a photoshoot, it is pertinent for the images to be well staged, but they also need to look natural and clearly recognisable as real people, or you'll end up back in the stock image bracket. We can manage this process and ensure that your are blown away by the results.

We're lucky enough to have an excellent working relationship with one of the UK's top commercial photographers, James Jebson,  who has a fantastic style, amazing ideas and generates excellent results everytime.

Here's some examples of recent shoots we have used James for:


So where are the photos of us on this website, you ask...
Don't worry - we're working on it! 

Our client Mint Staffing Solutions' Management Team.

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