Analytics for Twitter has arrived... at last!

Finally! Twitter has at long last unveiled an Analytics dashboard allowing all users to see performance data for their tweets.

Similar to Facebook Insights, the statistics available on Linked In, and of course Google Analytics, Twitter users can now access valuable information as regards to how many people ‘saw’ a tweet, clicked the link or engaged with the post in some way.

Twitter opened the dashboard back in July for advertisers and verified users, but has this week opened the service for ALL Twitter users, which is of course fantastic news for businesses who want to get access to insight data without necessarily joining Twitter’s advertising programme.


Historic data is not available, unfortunately, and moving forward, insights will only be captured from the point at which the Twitter Analytics service is activated. The service is free of charge, so don’t delay – log on and access the newly unlocked analytics dashboard here.

We have activated the dashboard for all of our clients’ accounts and will include the data in monthly reports moving forward, along with Facebook Insights and Google Analytics data.

If you need assistance with your Twitter account, or measuring the impact of social media in any way, please contact us: 01772 456000 @AwareComms


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